We at Capital Health Solutions are very happy with Arlana for her dedication, quality of work, and her nature of going the extra mile for customers. With her on our team, we feel very confident that our customers will be taken care of and all their questions will be answered in a professional manner. Her services are a big part of our growth and success.

Dinesh Kantaria, MBA

Capital Health Solutions, Inc.



"Arlana and John are an amazing, thorough, and talented team.  I was so pleased to work with them. They were extremely knowledgeable in every machine I inquired about. There are no dumb questions and they are very patient when spending training time with you.  Not only are they very helpful in summarizing how to use a machine, but they know every tweak and numerous adjustment options to get your image/machine just right for you.  They taught me to utilize ALL of the bells and whistles on my very well equipped/advanced machine so I can get the most out of it. They are also very responsive to questions and inquiries. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future."-

Brionne Vinson, RDMS, RVT


Fortunately for me, I have had the opportunity to work with Arlana Franklin since the cardiologist I work for purchased a new M7 machine.  Due to Arlana's vast experience and patience, she was able to walk me through the process of calibrating the new machine via Skype!  Being relatively new in the field and having no experience on the M7, I could never have done that without her.

Arlana, being registered in multiple modalities with many years experience, she is so knowledgeable, patient and she always explains things in such an easy to understand way.  If she ever gets frustrated it certainly never shows.  She is such a kind and understanding lady.  She has been invaluable to me and always makes herself available when I need her.  There are no words to express my appreciation to her.  She is the absolute best ever!  My interactions with her has given me more confidence in my ability.  Her knowledge and expertise has served her well, and I have benefited so much from working with her.

Arlana is passionate about training and  teaching and it is so evident in the way she approaches her work.  She would be an outstanding tutor for sonographers studying for their ARDMS exam.

Kristen Hite: Ultrasonographer



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