Custom Training programs

We provide personalized solutions from Online multi participant courses, Private scan support and basic Image training.


Equipment Evaluations

We provide unbiased equipment evaluations.  We do not sell equipment.

Our goal is for you to optimize the equipment that you already own.

Workflow integration

Implementing ultrasound into your practice Is the greatest challenge and best opportunity.  Scheduling, performing, interpreting and reporting.


  • Increase the number of product demonstrations
  • Drastically reduce your sales costs
  • Increase your closing ratios using clinical experts


  • Drastically reduce your install fees by eliminating ALL travel and employee/ Per diem wages
  • Improve customer experience by using staff knowledgeable with protocols, workflow, and networking
  • Ability to train multiple staff members with different schedules



  • Create value add by offering on-going clinical training based on customer needs
  • Support available when your customer requests it.
  • Utilize industry experts in each modality. (cardiac, vascular, abdomen, OB, MSK etc)